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  • The FAA can take MONTHS to approve the data & installation. Can your airplane sit on the ground that long doing nothing?¬†With DER approved data, an AI or repair station can appove the form 337.
  • DER’s have contacts with FAA and Manufacturing Inspection Office (MITO).
  • DER’s possess expertise concerning FAA certification processes including documentation, conformities, test plans & witnessing, and reports.
  • The cost involved in maintaining a permanent, a fully-staffed engineering department is prohibitive for many operators. AECUSA-LLC can supply the speed, experience and benefits of having an in-house staff at a fraction of the cost..

What Do DER’s Do?

DER’s expedite the certification process by approving data (drawings, reports, etc.) or recommending approval of data (test plans, certification plans, test results, etc.), thus saving the applicant time and money by providing expertise concerning federal aviation regulations (FAR).

What Are DER’s?

DER’s are experienced engineers designated by the FAA to approve engineering data used for certification. AECUSA-LLC brings together the expertise of numerous engineers and DER’s in the aviation field, resulting in an organization that can handle technically complex projects from beginning to end. The client is, therefore, relieved of locating and hiring short-term engineering personnel. This streamlines the design and certification process and reduces costs. AECUSA-LLC’s strong ties with the FAA facilitate the approval process for Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s), Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA’s), field approvals, and maintenance manuals.

FAA appointed Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) are on staff or on call for the following:


  • Static Stress
  • Damage Tolerance
  • Fatigue
  • Design & Construction


  • Arrangements
  • Materials
  • Flammability Test Plans


  • Electrical