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Antennas! We specialize in Antennas.

FAR Part 23 Aircraft (Most Light Aircraft under 12,500 lbs)

Small, GPS type antennas cost just $675 for an installation drawing & 8110-3 approving the drawing for your aircraft with a one (1) business day turnaround time.

Larger blade antennas cost just $1,050 and turnaround time is a few days if we have not designed an installation for it already.

FAR Part 25 Aircraft (Most Business Jets over 12,500 lbs)

These aircraft require a damage tolerance evaluation (DTE), which drives the cost up to $3,000.  This cost includes a drawing, DTE report, and 8110-3 approving both.


Antenna P/N (Spec Sheets) Installation Drawings Type of Antenna
110-328-01 Drawing ELT
110-333 Drawing TRI-BAND
110-337 Drawing ELT
110-338 Drawing TRI-BAND
110-340 Drawing TRI-BAND
110-341 Drawing TRI-BAND
A-33 Drawing GPS
AGT-02 Drawing MISC
AT 575-97A Drawing GPS
AV-100 Drawing MISC
AV-200 Drawing MISC
BNI-13100 Drawing MISC
CI 101 Drawing MISC
CI-102 Drawing MISC
CI-105 Drawing MISC
CI-121 Drawing VHF
CI-2480-206 Drawing VHF
CI-2680-216 Drawing VHF
CI-275 Drawing MISC
CI-292-2 Drawing VHF
CI-292-3 Drawing MISC
CI-306 Drawing MISC
CI-420-1 Drawing MISC
CI-420-10 Drawing GPS
CI-420-16 Drawing GPS
CI-480-1 Drawing MISC
CI-490-1 Drawing GPS
GA 37 Drawing GPS
GA 518 Drawing MISC
GA 55A Drawing GPS
GA 56 Stud Mount Drawing GPS
GA 56 Flange Mount Drawing GPS
GA 56A Drawing GPS
GA 57 Drawing GPS
GA 58 Drawing GPS
KA 92 Drawing GPS
RC05-3450-M01 518 Drawing MISC
S65-111-2 Drawing VHF
S65-111-309 Drawing VHF
S65-111-310 Drawing VHF
S65-111-6 Drawing VHF
S65-1231-1 Drawing ELT
S65-5366- Drawing MISC
S65-5366- Drawing MISC
S65-5366-10 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-11 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-116 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-119 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-2 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-3 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-7 Drawing MISC
S65-5366-735 Drawing TCAS
S65-5366-8 Drawing MISC
S65-5466-850L Drawing MISC
S65-625204 Drawing VHF
S65-625234 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-12 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-127 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-2 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-305 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-307 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-5 Drawing VHF
S65-8262-DC10A Drawing VHF
S65-8280-10 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-18 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-24 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-28 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-3 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-37 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-4 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-41 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-42 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-43 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-44 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-45 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-47 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-68 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-810 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-831 Drawing VHF
S65-8280-931 Drawing VHF
S65-8282-71 Drawing MISC
S65-8290-1 Drawing VHF
S67-1575-109 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-132 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-133 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-134 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-135 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-136 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-137 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-14 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-145 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-16 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-160 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-161 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-163 Drawing SATCOM
S67-1575-164 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-165 Drawing SATCOM
S67-1575-165 Drawing SATCOM
S67-1575-168 Drawing SATCOM
S67-1575-171 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-174 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-20 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-232 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-38 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-39 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-47 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-48 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-50 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-52 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-59 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-65 Drawing SATCOM
S67-1575-650 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-76 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-86 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-86 Drawing GPS
S67-1575-96 Drawing GPS
S675-8282-406 Drawing ELT
S67-8282-101 Drawing SATCOM
S67-8282-136 Drawing SATCOM
S67-8282-186 Drawing SATCOM
S67-8282-196 Drawing SATCOM
S67-8282-199 Drawing SATCOM
S67-8282-201 Drawing SATCOM
S67-8282-301 Drawing SATCOM
S72-1735 Drawing TCAS
S72-1739 Drawing TCAS
S72-1744 Drawing TCAS
S72-1746 Drawing TCAS
SKY-497 Drawing MISC